Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconuts are often referred to as the “tree of life” or “fruit of life”. It is a “super food” fruit with many health benefits. When made into healthy and purposeful oil, it can replace many other products, to save on storage and costs. I personally use this oil on a daily basis for a range of functions.

My top 10 benefits of coconut oil are:

1. As a Moisturiser

This is the only product I use as a moisturiser on my skin. I use coconut oil as a moisturiser for my entire body and it keeps my skin smooth and replenished. It is also excellent for massage oil and moisturising the hair- since it reduces protein loss in hair. Simply, massage the oil into the scalp and hair, then comb through for shiny results. It can also assist with dandruff and head lice.

Since coconut oil helps with skin hydration, it can also be used to assist with skin healing- such as cuts, burns, bruises, eczema and psoriasis.

Coconut oil also assists with wrinkles and anti aging, as it has well known anti-oxidant properties.

2. Make up Remover

I use it every night before bed as a make up remover. Just spray a few drops on tissue or cotton pad and gently remove make up. This is a healthier alternative then placing non-natural products on the skin. It also keeps your skin stay moisturised.

3. Cooking

Coconut oil is wonderful for cooking because it is suited to high temperatures. Unlike oils such as olive oil, which produce chemicals when heated at high temperatures.

The oil is also beneficial when not cooked, such as for salad dressings and daily morning smoothie.

4. Weight Loss

Coconut oil aids with weight loss. It can reduce appetite and increase fat burning. What causes the fat burning? Well it’s actually the healthy fat MCFA’s- medium chain fatty acids, as they have fat burning ability.

5. Blood Cholesterol Levels

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid that helps maintain blood sugars and cholesterol levels.

Coconut oil is also high in natural saturated fats. Saturated fats not only increase the healthy cholesterol in your body, but also help to convert the bad cholesterol into good cholesterol.

6. Help with Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and Brain Function

The digestion of MCFA’s by the liver creates ketones, which are a readily accessible energy by the brain. Ketones supply energy to the brain without the need of insulin to process glucose into energy. Since the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient has lost the ability to create it’s own insulin, the ketones from coconut oil function as an alternate source of energy to help repair brain function and fuel brain cells more effectively.

Studies have found the MCTs in coconut oil can increase blood concentration of ketone bodies, which can help reduce seizures in epileptic children.

7. Oral Hygiene

Coconut oil assists with the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay, by cleansing and healing the gums and mouth using the process of oil pulling. Coconut oil is excellent for oil pulling because of its high concentration of antibacterial properties. This process involves gargling coconut oil around the mouth. The bacteria sticks to the oil and is expelled from the mouth. Oil pulling is recommended 3 times a week for 10minutes.

8. Hormone Balance

Coconut oil benefits your hormones and assists during menopause. It’s a great source of saturated fat including lauric acid, which is an excellent fat to consume for hormone balance. Other natural foods containing healthy fats such as avocado and flax seeds are also recommended.

9. Immune System Boost

Coconut oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, which is beneficial for the internal body and providing immune booster support.

Coconut oil also contains lauric acid, which is known to reduce candida, fight bacteria, and create a hostile environment for viruses. Many diseases today are caused by the overgrowth of bad bacteria, funguses, viruses and parasites in the body. The consumption of daily coconut oil can assist with both prevention medicine and during times of sickness.

I personally have noticed less sickness in the family since we have been consuming coconut oil.

10. Heart health- heart disease and high blood pressure

By increasing the healthy cholesterols, known as HDL’s in the body, it helps promote heart health, and lower the risk of heart disease. The healthy saturated fats in coconut oil also help convert the LDL (bad) cholesterol into a less harmful form.

Glossary of abbreviations :

MCFA’s= medium chain fatty acids

MCT= Medium Chain Triglyceride

HDL= high density lipoprotein (good cholesterol)

LDL= low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol)

I recommend “organic”, “virgin” or “extra virgin” coconut oil. Refined coconut oil isn’t recommended, as it doesn’t have the same health benefits.

I sell cooking coconut oil and cold pressed virgin oil in Perth (Australia).

Kara Lea is a mother, teacher, healer and mindset coach. She is passionate about creating awareness, conscious living and empowering women to embrace and honour their sacred feminine energies.



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