Whatever your thoughts are regarding placenta encapsulation, one thing that cannot be denied is that it has grown in popularity over the years. More and more mums are learning about the benefits of consuming their nutrient-rich placenta, and they are choosing to preserve it by turning it into pills.

So what exactly is placenta encapsulation? Should you really eat your placenta? Are there any real benefits? And how do you turn your placenta into pills?

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation Capsules

Encapsulation is a method that is used to preserve the placenta. The process involves gathering the placenta a few hours after birth, steaming it, drying it, then grinding it into a powder. The powder is then poured into vegan capsules that are consumed by the mother. In essence, this is the process of turning your placenta into pills.

Benefits of Placental Encapsulation

So you might be wondering why anyone would choose to eat their placenta, and if you should too. Well, we know that the placenta nourishes your baby while in the uterus, and it is said to be just as beneficial to you after your child is born.

Women who consumed their placentas after childbirth reported the following benefits:
• Increased milk supply
• Fewer instances of postpartum depression (attributed to the presence of oxytocin in the placenta)
• Reduced stress levels
• Less postpartum bleeding (lochia)
• Increased energy levels
• Higher levels of iron
• Less hair loss
• Faster recovery from both vaginal and caesarean delivery

Turning Your Placenta into Pills

It is advised that you turn in your placenta to your Perth doula as soon as possible after birth. The placenta should be taken and stored in a clean and leak-proof container as soon as the umbilical cord is cut. The container should then be stored in either a fridge or a cooler box with ice in it. Ideally, the placenta should be stored below 4°C as it can last up to three days at this temperature.

Your Perth doula should be notified immediately to come and collect the placenta. Upon receiving your placenta, your Perth doula will either steam the placenta or keep it raw, depending on your preference. Next, the placenta is dehydrated for up to 10 hours, then ground into a powder. The final step involves sealing the placenta powder in vegan capsules. Once your capsules are sealed you now have pills that are ready for oral consumption. Typically this whole process is completed within 24 hours of receiving your placenta.

Consuming your Placenta Capsules

Placenta pills are arguably the easiest way to ingest your placenta. Most mums take their pills between two to four times a day for 6 weeks following birth. The capsules taste just like any other supplement, so they are easy to swallow, with no odd taste. Other mums, who perhaps don’t like the idea of taking pills, have been known to incorporate their capsules into smoothies, soups, and other foods. To reap the most benefits, you must take your placenta pills diligently during the first two weeks after birth.

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