You might be hearing about placenta encapsulation and be on the fence about it or be overwhelmed with the process. Let me answer some common questions to help clear your mind and allow you to make an informed decision. Placenta encapsulation is known to be “A Mothers own Postnatal Remedy”.

How many capsules will I get from my placenta?

This depends on the size of your baby, capsule size and encapsulation method. The placenta is about 15% of the baby’s weight.
I use size 00 capsules and this usually makes 100-250 capsules, which will be enough to last 6-12 weeks post partum. .

What is the difference between the 2 methods of placenta encapsulation offered?

A mother may choose between 2 methods for encapsulating. The Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) or Raw Method. The TCM Method involves the placenta carefully prepared, steamed, slowly dehydrated, ground to a powder and then placed into vegan capsules. The Raw Preparation Method is the same to that of TCM, excluding the steaming of the placenta.

How do you get the placenta?

I personally collect the placenta after birth. Just get your husband/support partner or birth doula to sms me once the placenta has been birthed and I will come at earliest convenience. If I am your birth doula, I will take it home with me to encapsulate straight away.

What do the capsules taste like?

The placenta capsules are tasteless.

How do I take the capsules?

It is recommended to take the capsules with food. Day 1-10 of receiving your capsules, take 2 capsules morning, afternoon and evening. Day 11+, take 2 capsules morning and afternoon. It is advised to follow your body’s cues and adjust the number of capsules accordingly.

When should I book the service?

I recommend you book the service now. There is often lots to do and think about during pregnancy, so once it is booked in on my calendar, your booking is confirmed. I have received bookings from mothers in the first trimester. The booking form link is:

Do I notify you closer to the time of my birthing date?

Many mothers get their support partner to send an sms once labour has begun, so I know a placenta is coming or let me know if they are having a scheduled caesarean. Though my booking calendar is very flexible.

Is it safe and hygienic?

The preparation process is always done in a sterile environment, using sterile equipment specially designed for encapsulation and honouring of the placenta.

I hold a Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) Certificate as well as Food Safety. APPA (Association of Placenta Arts) holds high standards within their comprehensive training.

What if I’m vegetarian?

That is completely fine and I only use vegecaps (suitable for vegan/vegetarians).

How do I ask the hospital to release my placenta?

Most hospitals will release the placenta with no issues. You need to ensure that everyone is aware of your plans to take your placenta home with you. This will include telling your caregiver in advance, as well as detailing it in your birth wishes/birth plan. You will be asked to sign a Placenta Release form.

Your midwife will double bag the placenta and place it in a labelled container in the fridge until collection.

Can you encapsulate if drugs were used in labour or if having a caesarean?

In the event of a highly medical birth, including drugs, epidural and/or caesareans, the placenta can still be encapsulated. The placenta acts as a filter and the toxins that it prevents from passing to the baby are not stored, rather they are sent back to the mother so her body can process and eliminate them.

Can you encapsulate if there was meconium?
Most definitely. I’ll do an Apple Cider Vinegar wash and then follow the TCM procedure. The steaming and dehydration process will kill any bacteria.

What about if I have Group B Strep?

In the event of being positive to Group B Strep, the placenta can still be encapsulated, though only with the TCM method (including steaming in the process). There is no concern as the high heat of steaming and dehydrating kills bacteria.

My placenta is frozen, is that ok?
Yes! As long as your placenta was refrigerated soon after the birth and placed in the freezer within a week.  It can be encapsulated up to six months after birth.

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