When a baby is born a mother is born too!!! Those early days can be tough as you find your feet as a parent and adjust to having a little baby in the home. It is super important to have plenty of support and call on your ‘village’!

Many mothers have reported Placenta consumption to help with mood, energy levels and milk supply.

Tips for the Post Partum 4th Trimester:


Give yourself permission to sleep. During the 4th Trimester, make day sleeps a first priority. If bub is asleep use that time to also sleep or rest. Whether it’s in bed or relaxing on the couch. This is a wonderful time to put on a guided meditation or watch some TV. Switch off your mobile phone during rest times, so you aren’t disturbed.

Daily meditation and affirmations

Allow yourself to recharge and focus. A lot of change and adjustment has happened in your body and World. Get a new post partum affirmation card daily to help focus and calm the mind. You may also want to listen to a post partum meditation.


Ask visitors to bring a plate of food. If all the cooking is previously prepared of taken care of during the early post partum days, then there is more time for you to focus on bub and your-self. You may also consider getting some of the meals delivered. Services such as Uber and Eat love grow (post partum meal service) are wonderful.


Your self-care is more important than the housework. During this time, the housework can wait or ask family to give an extra hand. You may also
consider getting a cleaner to support your post partum period.

Post Partum Doula

Having a post partum doula for emotional and physical support can make a big difference. Not only to de-brief and act as a venting board, though also to give you confidence and support in all areas.

Drink plenty of water and snacks

Ensure that you are eating and drinking enough and regularly. A great habit might be to have water and snacks ready on a table during feeds. If breastfeeding, you will need to drink extra water.

Sound and Visual Therapy

Help to create a calm and relaxing environment for yourself and bub. This may include putting on relaxing music during the creating ambience. Energetically the bub will pick up on the energy and ambience and calm music will certainly also help them adjust Earth-side. You may also display positive affirmations around or photos that help you feel happy.

Self care

It is easy to fully focus on bub and forget about yourself. Though your baby also needs you to be happy, rested and healthy. A good way to support that is by having a self-care plan. This may include a daily walk, post partum massage in the comfort of your home, day sleeps and post partum supplements: such as Blackmores pregnancy and breastfeeding Gold.

Post Natal Healing

Energy healing with Kara helps to realign the chakras, ground the soul and receive post partum alignment. This is also a healthy space for birth de-briefing and general well-being.

“Honouring you as a Divine Mother”

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